Highlights from Thursday, Oct 20, 2011

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Carmen has been holding on to this story until the right time to tell it. This morning was that time. Baby Carmen with Steve from Compassion Alliance

LISTEN   Hear about the e-mail Carmen got last Friday and what happened with the baby she "accidentally" met in an orphanage in Honduras.

READ   Here are Carmen's blog posts about "Baby Carmen."Read Part One, and then read Part Two.

LISTEN   Carmen told how Ocala's Steve Ewing wound up with "Baby Carmen" in his arms! 

LISTEN Jody, a listener from Ocala who went to Honduras with Compassion Alliance, told us what happened behind the scenes.

We're asking all our friends to pray, pray, pray for Baby Carmen. The God of the unlikely isn't through writing this story!

Natalie Grant is getting psyched about the Disney Princess Half Marathon!

LISTEN   Natalie told us what's going on in training and behind the scenes.

LEARN   About Natalie's organization Abolition International.

Dave's wife Emilie has arrived at her girls-getaway destination...and she found out about some strange happenings there.

LISTEN   Dave told about the strange apparition on the security camera.