Highlights from Wednesday, Oct 19, 2011

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

It started as an impulse to help, honestly! But then, our good intentions turned into a snag somewhere on the way to the Apple Store checkout Mark Hall of Casting Crowns with his new iPhone 4counter. 

LISTEN   Dave and Bill were dancing while Carmen, Mark Hall and Juan tried their best to move things along.

Later that same day, Carmen found herself looking for large bandages. It had nothing to do with the iPhone and everything to do with her "Lucy" tendencies.

LISTEN   Dave asked Carmen to explain the large band aid on her wrist.

One flies home while the other flies away: Kimberly is coming home while Emilie is traveling in search of changing leaves. 

LISTEN   Bill's glad to get his wife back, but afraid she might have picked up a new family member!

LISTEN  Dave is okay with Emilie's girl-getaway...as long as she leaves him a full fridge!