Highlights from Monday, Oct 17, 2011

Monday, October 17, 2011

Thousands of women were entertained and encouraged by Chonda Pierce over the last week. Carmen was one of them.

LISTEN   Carmen ran down some of the highlights from Chonda's show in Auburndale.

And thousands of men were wrapped up in some kind of weekend sports, including Dave and Bill, in slightly different ways.

LISTEN   Dave (Carmen too) enjoyed some college football, especially when Peyton Manning showed up in the broadcast booth. Fels Naptha

LISTEN   More domestically, Bill had baseball on the brain...and on the pants that he couldn't seem to quite get clean.

LISTEN   This caller sings the praises of Fels Naptha.

The name is Siri, but you can call it the new iPhone 4 voice recognition program that learns!

LISTEN   We can all appreciate an advance like this! (Even if it is far from mistake free.)