Highlights from Monday, Oct 10, 2011

Monday, October 10, 2011Dave's Kidney Stone

Dave's weekend got a lot better after he delivered "Rocky." 

LISTEN   Hear the (gory) details and the HAPPY ending!

LISTEN   Will Dave put down his coffee now?

Carmen saw the movie Courageous over the weekend. She encouraged guys to do the same.

SEE   Here's a video interview of Alex Kendrick, who talks about pressures he felt after filming Fireproof.

LISTEN  Carmen and her daughter both really enjoyed the movie.

The Story is a novelization of the Bible that has inspired two books and a new monumental album with some of your favorite JOY FM artists!

LISTEN   Hear our conversation on why folks (we) are excited about this project.

GET IT   Here's info on Music Inspired by The Story.

The kindle book Bill bought
More stories were enjoyed on Kindle by both Bill and Carmen last weekend.

LISTEN   Carmen read a new book and Bill finished The Hunger Games.

LISTEN   Bill tried to sell everyone on reading a new theology book...maybe the title was a problem.

READ!   Here's a link to the book Bill wants you to read (pictured left).

Note: the Kindle edition is $2.99.