Highlights from Friday, Oct 07, 2011

Friday, October 7, 2011

Thank you for helping during Share-a-thon! We raised 92% of the goal, adding almost 3700 MMMPs to the support team of The JOY FM!

LINGO   In case you missed it, here's a Share-a-thon Glossary.

PESO   Did you miss your chance to partner with us? Click the link! Bill with friends at about age 12

We missed a few stories with the busyness of Share-a-thon, including a milestone birthday for Bill's wife and a guest-blogger for Carmen.

LISTEN   Bill, a-k-a, "Skipper," tried to stage a surprise sunset dinner for Kimberly (who was dry when they left port).

LISTEN   He got surprised too, by an OLD photo! Check it out:

LISTEN   Carmen invited the lovely Becca Wilson to share her thoughts on getting ready to run with her in a half-marathon.

READ   Here's Becca's guest blog.

Chonda Pierce is coming to town NEXT WEEK!  Today, we caught up with Chonda to find out what's been going on since we saw her at the Dove Awards in Atlanta last April.

LISTEN   Hear Chonda talk about riding with her 80-year old mama.

LISTEN   Wow, that dress! (Warning, not everything is what it appears... or safe for guys!)

LISTEN   Chonda's husband, "Chainsaw Dave," is a man's man.

LISTEN   We try to introduce Chonda to her newest guy-fan.

LAUGH   Get Chonda tickets to one of five shows next week!