Highlights from Tuesday, Sep 27, 2011

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

To have a little fun and get a head start on Share-a-thon, we asked listeners to interrupt us with their online giving this morning.

LISTEN   Carmen tried to tell a story about seeing The Help but got interrupted.

LISTEN   Take two: How do you feel about "movie talkers?"

Since it's tomorrow, you should meet Johanna, our "quarterback" for Share-Johanna - Director of Support for The JOY FMa-thon.

LISTEN   You'll love the story about her granddaughter meeting Josh Wilson!!

And now, for something completely different (but not entirely unrelated):

LISTEN   Dave brought some treats, including homemade pumpkin bread!

LISTEN   While Carmen was asking for help avoiding Share-a-thon treats.

LISTEN   And Bill discovered the wonders of Everglades Seasoning.