Highlights from Monday, Sep 26, 2011

Monday, September 26, 2011

This past weekend, The JOY FM celebrated 25 years of Helping You Find JOY! There were a few happenings that were especially worth telling this morning!

LISTEN   Hear how we knew Brandon Heath needed some fathering skills!

LISTEN   Despite careful planning, Carmen had a similar problem with crowd control.

LISTEN   Dave tried to update college football scores from stage, but (he claims) he ran into a signal problem.

The weekend was packed, but Bill found some time to get on the water, put Rainbow over Sarasota Bay and the floating wedding chapelfish in the boat and help Josh and Becca Wilson catch their first gulf sunset...almost.

LISTEN   More than a fish story, Bill was reminded of the importance of taking a little time when that's all you've got.

LISTEN   He missed the sunset, BUT, caught this double rainbow instead. (What could it mean?)