Highlights from Friday, Sep 23, 2011

Friday, September 23, 2011

Well, when we *innocently* placed a wake-up call to artist Brandon Heath in Neti pot useradvance of his coming here for our 25th Anniversary Celebration, we never expected to launch a Neti Pot free-for-all. You never can tell where a genuine conversation is going to go.

LISTEN   Here's the call to a sleepy, kinda sick Brandon Heath, who uses a Neit Pot for sinus troubles.

LISTEN   We called his guitar player, Hai Phung, to see if he was well and talk about the Neti Pot.

LISTEN   For tickets to our 25th Anniversary, Dave wanted to talk to a non-artist-type who has experience with Neti Pot use.

frog in Carmen's garage

Only Carmen. To put you in a good mood for the weekend, you really need to hear how she started her day.  It was positively reptilian.

LISTEN   Carmen's garage seems to be a popular resort for various critters.

LISTEN   We asked for it -- a frog caller (not literally a person who does frog calls, you understand, but a woman who took a frog to church....  you're just gonna have to click and hear this!)