Highlights from Thursday, Sep 22, 2011

Thursday, September 22, 2011

A random act of kindness turned into a great story as a family received an unexpected blessing while they were about to leave Taco Bell: tickets to ourTaco Bell dog with slogan 25th Anniversary Celebration! And that brought up a more serious thought from Carmen about having to go through the journey.

LISTEN   Hear what happened when Carmen approached a random listener yesterday.

LISTEN   Now, the rest of the story...

LISTEN   The thought started to develop in Honduras...If God is in control and knows the end from the beginning, why do we have to go through all the steps of the journey.

Okay, so Carmen gave away random tickets, and Bill found out Dave's wife gave tickets away, so he wanted to do the same. Only, sometimes Bill's ideas can be a bit complicated.

LISTEN   Hear Sabrina try to win tickets by doing Bill's "reverse quick clip."