Highlights from Wednesday, Sep 21, 2011

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

On yesterday's show you heard the gripping stories Carmen brought home from the week in Honduras (click here for highlights). But there are a few "lighter side" stories you haven't heard. 

LISTEN   Hear how "Mary the Money-Savin' Momma" went international. Un Lempira

LISTEN   The Madre calls to haggle with us and set the record straight.

LISTEN   In a percussive way, Dave admits he can't hold a candle to Mary when it comes to price-negotiations.

A couple of REALLY important things are coming up. We emphasized how important giving is to The JOY FM in light of next week's Share-a-thon, and we gave away some tickets to THIS WEEKEND'S 25th Anniversary celebration.

LISTEN   The girl who won tickets has been listening ALL 25 years of The JOY FM's existence.

LISTEN   Carmen got real about audience support: our needs, our fears, and our faith.

The above paragraphs focus on our JOY FM family, but see if this hits close to home for you:

LISTEN   Would you rather text someone than have a conversation? Almost a third of adults would.

LISTEN   Mourning Man Week 2's end, Dave found a new haven for men at IKEA!