Highlights from Tuesday, Sep 20, 2011

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Carmen was back from the Honduras mission trip today, and honestly, it was hard to talk about anything else on the show today.  Listen to the highlights and you'll know why: the experiences she and her team had as they shared Christ's love with lonely orphans will break your heart.

READ  You might want to read Carmen's blog, Part 1 and Part 2, on this first. Orphan in Honduras

SEE   Here's our Facebook page with pictures from the trip.(Note: This is 1 of 5 albums on FB)

LISTEN   Carmen talked about the particular orphanage they were in that literally took their breath away.

LISTEN   "Rows and rows of cribs" and listless babies is what they found in the infant section. Heartbreaking. Hear how Jesse's (MIKESCHAIR) violin brought healing and life in a dark, dark place.  

Carmen and the baby who stole her heart

LISTEN   The little girl who stole Carmen's heart: PART ONE

LISTEN   The little girl who stole Carmen's heart: PART TWO (You won't believe her name!)

LISTEN   Just so you can hear someone react like you probably did, listen to this call.

LISTEN   Here are two more calls that came in, including one from a woman who wants to see Carmen adopt!