Highlights from Friday, Sep 16, 2011

Friday, Sepember 16, 2011

Dave geeked out this morning with the news that NASA is recruiting astronauts for their new deep space exploration program. He also found a Nasa Eyes on the Solar Systemreally cool online 3D space program!

LISTEN   Dave talks about NASA's new opportunities.

LISTEN   Here's what you can do with the new 3D computer program.

GAWK   Okay, here's your very own link to virtual space!

We wrapped Man Week 2 in bacon today!!

LISTEN   How many ways can you think of to use bacon?

LISTEN   We didn't ask for more, but this caller could have gone on!

LISTEN   And did you figure out how to get from Kevin Bacon to John Wayne in six degrees? This guy did it!!!

And just to keep it real...

LISTEN  Man Week 2 wouldn't be complete, Bill thinks, without a poem. (Oh, and Dave had one too... sorta.) 

LISTEN  Real men learn how to "man-up" and apologize when they're wrong.