Highlights from Thursday, Sep 15, 2011

Thursday, September 15, 2011Chef Doug of funwithfoodcatering.com with breakfast ribeye!

Wow! Chef Doug of funwithfoodcatering.com outdid himself for Man Week 2 thi s morning, whipping up a manly breakfast of bone-in ribeye, etc.

LISTEN   Doug describes the culinary creation.

LISTEN   The taste-test.

LISTEN   Dan Brodie's wife stopped by. We asked for help with the cleanup, but...

EAT!   Here's the link for Chef Doug!!!

Carmen was in Honduras for a fourth day of bringing shoes to orphans and sharing the love of God with children there.

READ   Here's a link to her blog post for day 4.

Teachers deserve a lot of credit and need a lot of cooperation, neither of which are usually theirs in abundance.

LISTEN   Bill shared his thoughts after "Back to School" night for parents last night.

LISTEN   This teacher shows why teachers sometimes feel like they're fighting an uphill battle.

Dave did a little teaching too, juiced by information put out on the Dr. Oz program yesterday.

LISTEN   You won't hear Dave rant about apple juice every day! Hear why he did today.

LISTEN   This caller saw the program and verified what Dave was juiced about!

READ   Here's the story.

CLICK  Dave also mentioned a new technology, "augmented contact lenses." Click the link to see what we've all been missing!