Highlights from Wednesday, Sep 14, 2011

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

John Wayne was the subject of Man Week 2 today, which we celebrated by asking you the question, "Who is today's John Wayne?"

LISTEN   First, Bill's having a little trouble with Man Week, all around.

LISTEN   Dave raised the question about John Wayne.

LISTEN   These callers try to make the right comparison.

COMPARE   Here's the comparison list we couldn't entirely fill in!

SEE   Here's the AMC Movies list of the best John Wayne films.

Carmen has been keeping us up on her Honduras trip via her blog. Last night, late, she posted a quick request for prayer.

LISTEN   Here's why we're asking our listeners to pray for Carmen and her team.

READ   A link to Day 3 in Honduras on Carmen's blog.

Do you feel like your job is insignificant compared to someone with a "ministry?"

LISTEN   Bill tries to debunk the idea that you have to quit your "secular" job in order to do something significant.