Highlights from Friday, Sep 09, 2011

Friday, September 9, 2011

Thank you for looking back with us, learning from the tragic events of 9/11/01, and praying for the nation and the world. It's good to remember...

But even this morning, we took a call from someone who felt remembering was not appropriate; Freedom Tower, New WTCthat spotlighting one American hero takes away from all the other heros since that day. Respectfully, we disagree. History is a record of selected stories, stories that reinforce the values and vision we want to hold as a people, vision that shapes our identity. In the Bible, the nation of Israel had one besetting sin: failing to remember. It was the root of national idolatry (eg. Judges 8:33-35). Today we remember with a heart to return to the Lord and to honor heroes who kept our cause despite personal cost.

LISTEN   Hear the story of An American Hero: Todd Beamer, as his wife Lisa remembers him.

LISTEN   Hear our 911 Timeline and remember that day as it unfolded and as we look for another day, a day of promise.

WATCH   Here's a live version of Faith Hill's "There Will Come A Day," used at the end of our American Hero story.

LOOK FORWARD   Here's an amazing video rendering of the New World Trade Center as it is and will be!

Carmen's trip to Honduras starts Sunday! Shoes donated from our JOY FM family, among others, will be personally placed on children's feet throughout that country all next week.

LISTEN   Find out why Carmen is a little nervous (naturally) about flying this time.

LISTEN   Hear what Carmen and her team will be doing all next week.

READ   This link takes you to Carmen's blog.