Highlights from Wednesday, Sep 07, 2011

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Do you buy into the idea that commenting on someone's Facebook page or replying on Twitter is "stalking" them? Dave, Bill and Carmen all had a little problem with that.

LISTEN   What happens when your kids think you're a creeper (or a lurker)?

LISTEN   These callers (stalkers!) had a few things to add.

Old CCM artists never die! They just show up on home improvement Jonathan Pierce and Companynetworks!

LISTEN   Dave did a double-take when he flipped to a decorating show and found a tenor.

CHECK IT   Here's the show. Watch the vid to see Jonathan!

We have been encouraging people all year to read their Bible! Lots of us have gotten behind and had to catch up...

LISTEN   ...but Carmen found out she was doing LOTS better than she thought. (Hint: when you read, don't forget the directions!)

READ   Here's Bill's page to get you started on a YouVersion reading plan.