Highlights from Tuesday, Sep 06, 2011

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

As the focus of the country shifts to commemorating 9/11, we have a few special ways we want to do the same.  First, all this week you'll be hearing a special 9/11 Timeline that Dave put together with news clips and reactions during the tragic events of September 1, 2001.

COMMENTS   We'll post the audio here later this week; in the meantime, read what listeners were saying this morning.

LISTEN   One listener with friends and relatives in NYC was especially touched by the remembrance.

A tragedy like 9/11 brings all of us together in sobering reflection on the troubles of this world, but the fact is, all around us people are having life-altering trouble every day.

LISTEN   But Jesus gives us a way to overcome in the midst of trouble, as these two verses Carmen found clearly tell us.

READ   Here are the two verses. Weddings on Water chapel

Outdoor weddings are a chancey thing in Florida; that may be one reason the folks who designed the floating wedding chapel provided an actual chapel on a boat. You get the scenery, but safe and dry.

LISTEN   But what happens when the seas are rough? Bill wondered that too!