Highlights from Friday, Sep 02, 2011

Thursday and Friday, September 1 and 2, 2011

We caught up with Matthew West in Hollywood! He was there for the shooting of a gmc original movie based on his song, "One Last Christmas."Matthew West book - The Story of Your Life  So far, Matthew has three lines!!

LISTEN   We were just a little bummed about not being there to help him rehearse.

LISTEN   The movie will be named after another MW song, "The Heart of Christmas," and, okay, now it's time to start rehearsing those lines!

LISTEN   Slowly but surely, lines two and three!!!

READ THE NEW BOOK!  Matthew got so many stories for The Story of Your Life record that he wrote a book about them, and it's now available online.

Dave's son Nathan is about to turn 24...time for some big decisions, his dad says.

LISTEN   Hear Dave's advice to his grown son.

Bill discovered a yogurt that is a vegan delight!

LISTEN   Which has Carmen all interested and Dave pretty much disgusted.

EAT   Here's the menu... the flavor is apparently a "beta test," but there are many others!