Highlights from Wednesday, Aug 31, 2011

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

After Carmen's little mishap with the alarm yesterday, we wanted to help with the dilemma of sleeping through your alarm!

LISTEN  Bill did some research and found these unique alarm clocks.Scrapwood Art from the Calhoun County tornado.

SHOP   Here's the article from Health.com.  

Check out this cool kids' art made from the debris of the Alabama tornadoes in Calhoun County.

LISTEN  Here's how we got it. 

Carmen feels a burden to overshare keep women informed on the latest really great products out there. Today, the subject matter was kind of "girls only."

LISTEN   With apologies, Carmen dismissed the men and made this "public service announcement" to the women. Only problem? There was no place for Dave and Bill to go!

LISTEN   The women loved it! (But not all the guys took direction too well).

LISTEN   It's really THAT good, this caller discovers!

SHOP   Carmen blogged about it with links to the Cami-Bra.

Feeling a need to balance out the estrogen in the room, Dave came up with a many way to give away tickets to our 25 Anniversary Celebration.

PLAY ALONG   By putting Bill on the spot with something he knows little about, a trivia contest he called "Cornerback or John Wayne Movie Character?"

PLAY ALONG   To prove you don't have to know football (or John Wayne movies) to be manly, Bill came up with another contest he called "Famous Composer or Essential American Poet?"

LEARN   Click the links to learn more about Philip Glass, or poet Wallace Stevens, or former U.S. Poet Laureatte, Elizabeth Bishop.