Highlights from Tuesday, Aug 30, 2011

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The guys had tech on the brain this morning, maybe because the coffee maker was on the fritz, or because Bill's wife needs a new laptop computer, OR it may have been because Carmen needs buy a new alarm clock!

LISTEN   Carmen's oversleeping was not her clock's fault, but isn't it ALWAYS our clock's fault!?

LISTEN   Dave and Bill have no category for this caller's special ability!

LISTEN   A new laptop, or a tablet (like an iPad)? Bill has to make a choice.

With Irene causing hundreds of thousands of power outages across the Northeast, we started thinking about how dependent we all are on technology. 

LISTEN   You may need more than a hurricane survival kit.

PREPARE   Here's the link to MyFlorida's disaster preparedness page.

UBER-PREPARE   Here's FEMA's full checklist!

LISTEN   Dave found a full-course meal in a stick of gum!

One more thing: we mentioned National Geographic Channel's 9/11 specials running this week:

WATCH   Here's the page that lists them.