Highlights from Thursday, Aug 25, 2011

Thursday and Friday, August 25-26, 2011

This was release-week for the new MIKESCHAIR album, A Beautiful Life, and we had the guys in town for several concerts and our shoe drive finale!

First, a couple of quick stories about songs on A Beautiful Life:

LISTEN   Hear Mike talk about the title track.

LISTEN   Mike described the inspiration for "Love Won't Quit."

LISTEN   Carmen introduced Nate and got the story behind "All For You."

Our morning show is not about the "sound bite" style of interview. We consider the artists you hear to be part of The JOY FM community!

LISTEN   Get the back story on response to the hit song "Someone Worth Dying For."

LISTEN   Hear Dave and Bill defend a gospel-centered interpretation of the "worth" part of that title!

LISTEN   Sam from MIKESCHAIR told a story of how the song impacted a new Christian woman they met at a record store.

LISTEN    It's the "Band Dating Game" with MIKESCHAIR, round one!

LISTEN    Round two as the guys try to match their partner's answers.

LISTEN   Jesse from MIKESCHAIR and his wife, Sarah, talked about the shoe-drive mission to Honduras.

Life happens, even in the middle of a crazy week like this!

LISTEN   Bill and family celebrated Will's 18th birthday Thursday...without Will's sister!

LISTEN   Do you ever have your mom check up on you through Facebook? Carmen's daughter has been keeping tabs on her!