Highlights from Wednesday, Aug 24, 2011

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Reports of the "DC Earthquake" shook us all just a bit yesterday. Literally, it shook so many people from Virginia to Massachussets to the Carolinas, that we made a call to a friend in Charlotte to get a firsthand report.

LISTEN   It was a shocker as well as a shaker.

LISTEN   If you noticed the phone "ding" in that previous conversation, it was the wife of a guy we called in North Carolina.

LISTEN   What do you do when your world is shaking? Bill shared this thought from Hebrews 12.

It may have been dry ground at first, but Carmen saw hearts melt and the world change for young girls at an orphanage in Guatemala last year. Since she and the guys in MIKESCHAIR are getting ready to go to Honduras, she re-posted the story of Jesse.

READ   Here's the link to Carmen's Blog.

And what show would be complete without some to-do with food? This time,Bill Clinton vegan though, we may be good for your health.

LISTEN   Carmen has discovered a new salad and wants to share it with you.

LISTEN   Dave found a new vegan...and he really made an impression on the show today!