Highlights from Tuesday, Aug 23, 2011

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

We were pretty excited about Brandon Heath's just-released video for his hitBrandon Heath Leaving Eden song, "Light In Me."

WATCH  See Brandon's new video and see what you think!

LISTEN   We called Brandon to ask "permission" to share this with you.

LISTEN   Then we called Brandon's manager to ask "forgiveness" for sharing this with you!!!

Today was "release day" for the new MIKESCHAIR album, A Beautiful Life. Thursday starts a run of concerts, and all you need for admission is a pair of new shoes!

Maybe it was back-to-school? Maybe it was something she ate, but Carmen had a weird dream last night!

LISTEN   Hear Carmen describe her dream, and pray she gets some sleep tonight (because we want to hear the end)!

LISTEN   Do all moms feel this way when their daughters grow up? Carmen and Bill's wife do!