Highlights from Thursday, Aug 18, 2011

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Two kinds of burgers, one grill  and one Morning Cruise chef: all to do a taste-off between two burger recipes created in honor of President Obama. M-Street Bar and Grille in D.C. created the Pizza Burger, while the "Spike Burger" was created by Top Chef Dave with Spike Burgercontestant (from Clearwater!), Spike Mendelsohn

COOK IT!   Click the link to get BOTH recipes on one pdf, and choose your favorite!

LISTEN   Grilling is an America sport! Here's live audio from out back by the grill!

LISTEN   There's no substitute for tasting! LIVE the experience with us.

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On a much more serious note: our thanks to the Tampa Police Department for a job well-done in preventing what could have been a horrible disaster at a local high school.

LISTEN   Dave and Bill gave their take on the 17 year old arrested for his plans to detonate a bomb at a Tampa school.

READ   Here was the USA Today story.