Highlights from Wednesday, Aug 10, 2011

Tuesday, August 9 and Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Though they've been around since 2007 with their hit, the band Rush of Fools has never been here before. Tuesday, they stopped by so we could get to Rush of Fools Grace Found Meknow them and hear their new songs from We Once Were (releasing 9/27/11).

LISTEN   Kevin talked about what sustained the band during some tough times and led them to write the new song, "Grace Found Me."

LISTEN   Carmen just had to ask Wes about his hair. (Hey! If you were here, you would've asked too!)

LISTEN   Rush of Fools knows what it's like to be in "the valley." They used to curse it, but, lead singer Wes Willis told Carmen why he's got a different view.

LISTEN   Bill talked to the guys about their name, "Rush of Fools," and how God uses our weakness for his glory.

During the London riots, we spoke to our friend Bruce from Cambridgeshire who is a student-pastor in the village of Somersham.

LISTEN   Bruce described what it was like to see smoke from the riots.

LISTEN   The churches are reaching out to minister during this tense time.

"Someone (Worth) Dying For?" is the name of the newest MIKESCHAIR song and the title of Bill's most recent blog post.

LISTEN   Hear our discussion on this song and Bill's post.

READ   Read the post.