Highlights from Monday, Aug 08, 2011

Monday, August 8, 2011

Justin Bieber Teen Choice 2011A little weekend TV watching got Carmen and Bill fired up about a couple of things.

LISTEN   Carmen is a  Belieber! (After Justin Bieber's comments at the Teen Choice Awards)

SEE   Here's the video of his acceptance speech.

LISTEN   Bill took issue with the same old tired arguments on Discovery Channel's "Curiosity: Did God Create the Universe?" Stephen Hawking says NO

"BOOM!" She thought it was a gunshot. But instead, Dave's wife Emilie opened the freezer door to reveal a surprise. Oops.

LISTEN   Dave called Emilie to get the first-hand story on why their freezer is so clean today.

We love Lucy! So does Google, apparently. On Saturday, they Lucy Google Graphichelped Lucille Ball fans worldwide remember Lucy.

LISTEN   Dave and Carmen share what they saw and why they think Lucy is so loved.

Bill mentioned some fat-free, calorie-free (gluten-and-sugar-free) salad dressing that tastes good!

SEE   Here's a link to Walden Farms. Bill says some are great, some so-so, and Kimberly found a deal at 2 for $4.00.

SAVE   IF you can find what you want. This link takes you to Groupon.com