Highlights from Friday, Aug 05, 2011

Friday, August 5, 2011

Dave spent his and Emilie's 27th anniversary at a beautiful bed and breakfast in Thibodaux (without the e), Louisiana, not far from their hometown of Baton Rouge. As a plus, the latest fashions at The picture window at the new storeNew Store were on display.

LISTEN   Dave takes us to the town square and the picture window of The New Store.

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Many of us want a life of significance. Bill paid tribute to a Christian leader who died last week, a man whose influence helped many learn to follow Christ more faithfully. John Stott dates

LISTEN   Bill explains why John Stott's life and teaching is worth remembering.

LEARN   Find out from this blogger why Stott was so important to English Christians.

READ   John Stott's Basic Christianity.

HEAR   John Stott's sermons will help you grow in Christ.

This has been the week for personality testing on TMC. Since Carmen made Dave and Bill take a 40 minute online test, Dave thought turnabout would be fair play.

LISTEN   Dave gives Carmen the "Lipstic Personality Test."

TEST   Get your lipstick out and take the test.

Oh, gee, you're here for the recipe for that fruit-dip Bill was talking about?

LISTEN   Here's why we talked about fruit dipping sauce.

COOK  Find the recipe online.