Highlights from Wednesday, Aug 03, 2011

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Some people tell us that The Morning Cruise with Dave, Bill and Carmen has a unique chemistry. Some say they have trouble telling Dave and Bill apart. Some can't quick figure out what makes Carmen tick. Today, these mysteries began to be solved.

LISTEN   Carmen "ordered" personality tests for us to take; she put Dave on the hotseat first, and apparently he's still not off the hook--we might need another test. 

LISTEN   Bill was next. (Here, we discover the root of Bill's legendary "angst!") 

LISTEN   No surprises with Lucy Carmen, except that now we have statistical data to prove it!Bill's Blender Bottle

TEST   Here's the website for the test we all took.


Yesterday we shared the wonders of the Blender Bottle, and it seemed to generate a lot of interest.

LISTEN   So today we took a call on the wonders of the Blender Bottle and what you can do with it (not you, Bill, CARMEN!).

WATCH   Here's the website Bill mentioned (warning: don't try these at home).