Highlights from Tuesday, Aug 02, 2011

 Tuesday, August 2, 2011

If you're looking for info on praying for Muslims during Ramadan, click here.

Dara Maclean Did you hear us feature two Dara Maclean songs this morning? Carmen got pretty excited (so did the guys, they just showed it...differently).

LISTEN   Hear the enthusiasm these women shared for Dara's song "Gratitude."

LISTEN MORE   Check out her CD, You Got My Attention.(Hint: You can click on song names to hear samples of the songs!)

Everybody's talking about the bill that passed in the House last night and comes up for vote in the Senate tonight: the debt ceiling bill. Yesterday, off the air, we talked about the bill, the future and the potential ramifications for our children and grandchildren. Carmen said she didn't sleep much last night!

LISTEN   Dave, the master of analogy, broke down our conversation and his take on the principleGabriella Giffords Returns of raising the debt ceiling.

LISTEN   "What do you teach your children?" this caller asked. And Dave had a good answer.

LISTEN   There was an inspirational moment when the Arizona congresswoman who was shot returned to the House floor last night: Gabby Giffords brought the House to its feet!

READ   Here's the story.

Carmen wanted to torment to bless Bill with a new Blender Bottle, JUST to see what he'd be willing to blend and drink. Wheatgrass is out.

LISTEN   Here's the demonstration.