Highlights from Monday, Aug 01, 2011

Monday, August 1, 2011

Did you hear the controversial NASCAR prayer last week? Bill noticed the prayer during yesterday's Brickyard 400, but THIS one stirred up a lot of talk.

WATCH   See and hear the prayer, including thanks "for my smokin' hot wife."

LISTEN   These callers weighed in on the controversy.

LISTEN   Carmen gave us her bottom-line. Blender Bottle

WATCH   If you can stand it, Today's Big Thing auto-tuned the prayer. 

Dave and Emilie just celebrated their 27th anniversary (and Dave's 30th high school reunion)!

LISTEN   They found a beautiful bed and breakfast.

LISTEN   Oops. Bill and Carmen forgot to Facebook them!

SEE   Here's a picture of the lovely suite they stayed it.

STAY   Need a vacation? Here's the bed and breakfast!

Carmen got a new toy. And she loves it!

LISTEN   She's pretty excited about her new blender bottle.

Today begins Ramadan, the Muslim holy month.

LISTEN   Bill talked about the challenge of loving our neighbor when it comes to this little-understood religion.

PRAY   Here is the prayer guide link, along with lots of great information on Islam.