Highlights from Thursday, Jul 21, 2011

Thursday, July 21 and Friday, July 22, 2011

We've posted some new videos lately. Check them out!!

WATCH   Brandon Heath's "(way too) personal invitation" to our 25th Anniversary Celebration.

WATCH   Kris and Hayley's attempt to make Butterbeer.

LISTEN   Bill wanted you to re-live this moment from The Summer Cruise.

We're getting ready to celebrate our 25th anniversary with you! Who better to help us celebrate than Brandon Heath (who also happened to be celebrating his birthday)?

LISTEN   We called to wish him happy birthday and share what he did on his summer vacation.

LISTEN   Brandon headlines our 25th Anniversary, so we had him talk about the night and the artists.

Can you believe what's happening in Russia? We talked to a missionary there.

LISTEN   Hear Gerry Schroeder talk about the hunger for free worship in Moscow.

LINK   Here's the link to Russia Worship.

Dave was headed to Louisiana for his 30th high school reunion and his 27th anniversary...if he can keep out of trouble!

LISTEN   Carmen tried to keep Dave from turning his vacation into a "work-cation."

LISTEN   Dave's wife, Emilie, staged an intervention.

Now's the time we have to say goodbye to Hayley, the University of Florida intern who was with us all summer :-(

LISTEN   Hayley talked about what she learned over the summer.

LISTEN   Carmen asked Hayley who her favorite was, and her answer surprised everyone!