Highlights from Wednesday, Jul 20, 2011

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Carmen read about the phenomenon in one of her favorite blogs: the inability to unplug, or work-cation.

LISTEN   This is a malady affecting more and more Americans.

LISTEN   LISTEN   These callers are familiar with the condition.

Southern Cooking
On a recent assignment in Dothan, Alabama, Carmen and Dave were re-acquainted with good ole southern cooking!

LISTEN   Purple hull peas? Really?

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We want folks to start making plans for our 25th Anniversary concert:

LISTEN  Carmen's daughter Abbey helped give away some tickets by playing Catch Phrase.

CELEBRATE   Get your tickets to the September 24th concert!

And are you on Google Plus yet? 

LISTEN  Carmen, our early adopter, is off to a slow start on this new social network.

LISTEN  Dave gets an invite. Bill? Well...