Highlights from Tuesday, Jul 19, 2011

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Did you hear Carmen talk about Giada's Royal Beef TenderloinGiada's Royal Crostini Crostini recipe, the dish she prepared for Prince William and Kate Middleton?

COOK   Here it is!

By the way, have you ever chosen a restaurant because you HATE the food? 

LISTEN   Carmen does!

LISTEN   She's not alone.

Today began the final flight home for Atlantis. Honestly, this is a melancholy moment!

LISTEN   Dave talked us through the final moments and comments from the astronauts, mission control.

Losing your purse is bad enough, but when that purse contains something as personal as this...

LISTEN   Carmen told us about the stolen camera. 


Dave is a published playwrite!

LOOK  Check out Dave's Christmas musical on churchmusicals.com.

We played "Turn Around" by Matt Maher and mentioned the upcoming record.

LOOK   Here's Matt's website with info on The Love In Between.

Just in case you didn't get enough spider stuff, check out these vids:

WATCH   Here's the huntsman spider of Australia, featured on Animal Planet.

WATCH   What it looks like to find one in your bathroom.

WATCH   How NOT to catch a huntsman, dad!