Highlights from Monday, Jul 18, 2011

Monday, July 18, 2011

Here are the links and the discussion about this last weekend's record-setting summer blockbuster, Harry Potter.

READ   Artist and author Andrew Peterson's blog. If you are skeptical about a Christian's endorsement of Harry Potter, you have to read this!

READ   Relevant Magazine's article called "The Redemption of Harry Potter."

GO DEEPER   Read this article from a critic and literary scholar.

LISTEN   Here's the discussion we had this morning about the story / movies.

LISTEN   This caller has chosen to keep her kids away from Harry Potter. Huntsman spider

We each brought back some personal stories from our time off:

LISTEN   While most kids spent their summer vacation at the beach, Carmen had a different experience, and she re-lived a bit of it last week in Orlando.

LISTEN   Dave's "redemptive" visit to Universal Studios with his sons is what got us talking about Harry Potter.

LISTEN   Bill had some unwelcome house guests last week!