Highlights from Monday, Jun 27, 2011

The Summer Cruise 6 


WATCH  See The Summer Cruise 6 LIVE!Pinky milk carton

WATCH   See Chris August do "The Candy Wrap."

WATCH    See ALL the daily highlight videos from The Summer Cruise 6.


LISTEN  Hear the moment when we thought Pinky was gone, never to be seen again!!

Pinky was FOUND by Mayme (pictured below). Thanks Mayme!! (Oh, and here are your two tickets to Night of Joy!)

LISTEN   Hear Mayme's explanation of what happened to Pinky and why she was "missing" for about an hour!

Pinky FOUND Ocala


More adventures of Pinky continue below.)

LISTEN   Getting there is half the fun, especially with "Bus Driver (and conductor) Bill."

LISTEN   Among other things, Chris August told us he had NEVER tried a grilled cheese sandwich.

On Tuesday at The Rising Sun Cafe, we had one of Ian walkingour favorite moments of this whole year...when Ian, wheelchair-bound at last year's Summer Cruise and for his whole life  walked up to Carmen and gave her a big hug!!!

LISTEN   Hear the moment when we saw Ian and Carmen told the story.

LISTEN   With a dry wit, this guy in Tampa (Isaiah) walked in with Pinky and a likely story.

LISTEN   At Chick-fil-A, Carmen demonstrates the proper way to eat chicken minis.

LISTEN   Whoops!!!!! Did Carmen really whack that lady in the head? And she said what???

Chris August is hilarious, so when he has a serious moment, you'd better hope someone is recording it!

LISTEN   Chris August shared his heart with the audience.