Highlights from Wednesday, Jun 22, 2011

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Her name is Dara Maclean, and she does the song "Suitcases" that you've Dara Maclean Live on TMCbeen hearing on The JOY FM.  Today, we got to visit with Dara live on the show.

LISTEN   Hear the story behind the writing of "Suitcases."

WATCH   See the live video version of "Suitcases" from The Cannery Row Sessions.

LISTEN   Get a deep (and efficient!) look into the woman that IS Dara Maclean with 60 Seconds With.

LISTEN   Here's what we heard about her: she has a 5-pound Maltese. 

LISTEN   Now for real: hear the heart of Dara Maclean.

WATCH   A live peformance, accompanied by Seth Jones! The song is called "Nothing You Won't Do."

Dave's youngest son Daniel has taken to blogging (which never seemed to stick to dear old dad)!

LISTEN   Here's what's driving Daniel's need to blog.

READ   Dave's blog...from a LOONNNNG time ago!