Highlights from Tuesday, Jun 21, 2011

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Less than a week till the Summer Cruise 6 rolls into a town near you! SeveralPinky Cortez Tuscadero things needed to happen to be ready for the big week with Chris August!

LISTEN   We remembered when Matthew West made up a song about Carmen's Pink Flamingo and gave "Pinky" her middle name.

LISTEN   Bill has a checklist. So far, the one thing he attempted (which involves yogurt) got a little sticky.

LISTEN   Oh yeah, the OTHER thing (there were three): time for some "in-style" jeans (which, of course, means just the opposite). Dave and Carmen got help from Kris P. Kreme.

Skype is a great technology...for young adults AND for parents who learn how to work it. And they can keep in touch with THEIR parents...unless they can't figure out how to work a laptop computer.

LISTEN Hear the whole messy story from Dave Cruse.(Uhh, just click on the red word "LISTEN" to the left there.)

This could be the trip of a lifetime, especially if your focus ISN'T on yourself!

LISTEN   Carmen invited listeners to join her on a "Buckner shoe trip" to Honduras.

CONSIDER   Get info on the trip, and maybe you'll be going with them!