Highlights from Tuesday, Jun 07, 2011

June 7, 2011

Did you hear the motivational speech from the kid who just learned to ride his bike?

WATCH   Here's the video. CUTE!

And don't forget the "Double Rainbow." How could you?

LISTEN   Dave likes it so much he found a parody (several, really)

WATCH   Here's the original "double rainbow...all the way" video.

WATCH   And here's the David Crowder*Band "triple wolf moon" parody video.

"Happy Anniversary, Honey!" Those are pretty important words, especially on those "milestone" years. Bill and Kimberly celebrated one of those today.

LISTEN   Bill admits he can't forget, and is puzzled by those who can.

LISTEN   It happens, though, as this caller's story reminded us.

LISTEN   Bill called Kimberly to wish her a Happy 20th Anniversary!