Highlights from Friday, Jun 03, 2011

Friday, June 3, 2011

Smartphones have changed the way we do lots of things, including making purchases. Because we try to stay near the leading edge of technology, we get a little freaked-out when we realize we're behind!

LISTEN  Carmen's done with her "janky" iPhone 3G. but she can't decide if she should go to 4 or wait for 5. 

LISTEN   Would you be willing to pay for more and more stuff using your phone instead of plastic? Google Wallet believes you would, and they're "banking" on your making the switch.

LISTEN   We all joked about our parents not being able to program their VCRs, but now, Dave admitted, we're (he's) having trouble adapting to new channels with his upgrade to true HDTV.

Sometimes our vision is blocked, we can't see the ones, or the One, who is with us, applauding and encouraging us.

LISTEN   Carmen was inspired by a friend's blog.