Highlights from Friday, May 27, 2011

Friday, May 27, 2011

What a special trip, delivering gift cards to Alabama! These were the cards you donated Friday, May 13. Since we couldn't bring everyone with us (though, the gift cards alone weighed 35 pounds), we tried to bring the experience to you on this morning's show.

To get a sense of the whole trip, listen to every break!

WATCH   The CBS42 News story on our Gift Cards for Alabama effort.

WATCH   Our own video summary of this amazing outreach.

LISTEN  How it felt transporting $108,000 worth of gift cards.

LISTEN  What our first impressions of Northeast Alabama and the damage were.

LISTEN  How a farm featured in news stories became an instance of the reality of the devastation.

SEE  Photos of our trip and the gift card presentation.

LISTEN   The story of the deacon who was in his two-story house moved by the tornado.

LISTEN   A couple torn by the tornado, but together to the end.

LISTEN   Carmen's sharing of her personal stories of redemption through this outreach.

LISTEN   How the exhausted lead singer of Building 429 gave his talents to refresh others.

VISIT   The Building 429 website.

LISTEN   How the band MIKESCHAIR immediately responded to the call for help.

VISIT   MIKESCHAIR's home on the web.

LISTEN   A taste (or two, or three) of southern hospitality.

LISTEN   The moment when we shared the totals with First Baptist Church of Williams.

LISTEN   Benediction: "I'll Fly Away."