Highlights from Friday, May 13, 2011

Friday, May 13, 2011

Gift Cards for Alabama happens today! We wanted to really push that effort, because we believe in it so much and because we need to match $33,000 from the Patterson Foundation!

LISTEN   Our dear friend Gretchen stopped by with some gift cards to get things started early!

LISTEN   We called Carmen's cousin in Alabama to tell her we were coming "home" (well, Carmen's home) and to get accustomed to the southern hospitality.

Next week, we'll share the "back story" of the amazing hand of God on so many aspects of this outreach, including a new chapter in Carmen's personal story--a story that demonstrates the grace of the gospel reaching into the depths of human brokenness to redeem and restore. 

Since we've been thinking of hometowns, Dave found a story about an Anna Maria landmark--an icon of Bill's hometown.

LISTEN   Naturally, Bill will miss the festival, but you don't have to.