Highlights from Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

And the winner is...Bobby Flay! His macaroni and cheese recipe won our Bobby Flay macaroni cheese carbonarataste-off!

LISTEN  Taste-off, Part 1

LISTEN  Taste-off, Part 2

LISTEN   Taste-off, Part 3

COOK   Here's the winning recipe!

COOK   Here's Paula Deen's amazing creamy macaroni and cheese.

He was thrown into a moral dilemma when asked to support a decision he could not reconcile with his convictions as a Christian or as a father of a teenage girl.

LISTEN   Hear our conversation with Jack Church, television personality, now unemployed.

LISTEN   Jack Church, Part 2

LISTEN   Jack Church, Part 3

Every good show has to have the occasional fish story. We just wish that when Bill told them they'd be about fish caught rather than fish...casualties.

LISTEN   Hear the story of the hapless Betta formerly known as "Paul."

Note: Please don't think Bill is being cruel to animals. In all seriousness, the fish was sold in less than perfect condition and the instructions given were, according to a subsequent conversation with a more informed fish seller, very wrong. "Paul II" is thriving in the Martin home.

LISTEN   Dave's son Daniel had his own troubles with an agressive tank mate.