Highlights from Friday, May 06, 2011

Friday, May 6, 2011 

First, in case you missed it, The JOY FM is going to have a gift card drive a week from today to help the folks in northeast Alabama who were hit hard by the tornados last week.

LISTEN   Check out yesterday's show highlights to hear the pastor of a church there describe what happened and how we can help.

LISTEN   Here's why gift cards work well, and why we aren't accepting other kinds of donations.

PARTICIPATE   Click the link to see if we're coming to a town near you!


Mother's Day is this Sunday! For some, the day itself is a big deal. For others, it's just another opportunity to let mom know she is appreciated.

LISTEN   For Bill's mom, it was a five-dollar purse that never got thrown away.

LISTEN   Dave can be very sentimental...then again, sometimes he lets Hallmark do it for him.

LISTEN   This story has nothing to do with Mother's Day, but if you were counting down to the royal first kiss, you'll want to hear about another kiss that out-did William and Kate.