Highlights from Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Yesterday morning, Carmen woke up early (which, as a morning show host, is crazy) with an intuition that we were supposed to help the many families in Alabama who lost everything to the devastating tornadoes. After spending a good bit of the day "arguing with God," she found the pieces of a JOY FM family project beginning to fall into place. 

LISTEN   Hear a result of the "wrestling match" Carmen had and the amazing way God brought a connection with a local church that will allow us to help!

LISTEN   This caller was deeply moved and wants, like so many writing in on Facebook, to help!

Note: Listen to tomorrow's show to hear what we have planned to get help directly to families in desparate need!

On the lighter side, Dave noted that today was Star Wars Day and Bill got May the 4th back after a couple of days of R&R, with stories of his (nearly futile) attempts to rest.

LISTEN   And May the 4th be with you (yuk yuk) offends Dave!

LISTEN   Bill recorded AMAZING weight loss! Too good to be true... really!

LISTEN   He showed up to work today, but apparently Bill's efforts here were futile too.