Highlights from Thursday, Apr 14, 2011

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Luke and Michelle are going to the Dove Awards! They were creative, resourceful, and they clearly had fun putting together a little public Zumba action to share with you this morning!

In 90 minutes, contestants had to record themselves doing Zumba "worse than Bill" and e-mail them to djonair@thejoyfm.com.  We'd pick the most entertaining of the lot, and Luke was it!

WATCH   See Luke's moves, as all the passers-by do!

LISTEN   Hear the call to Michelle, then to Luke to give them the good news.

GET READY   TMC will be at The Dove Awards in Atlanta next week.

She helped him cure his plantar warts! Problem is, Carmen's dentist didn't have plantar warts, and when she needed dental work this week, she had to face the man to whom she had given bogus advice.

LISTEN   The humbling conclusion of "Carmen doctors her dentist."