Highlights from Tuesday, Apr 12, 2011

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Mandisa with The Morning CruiseCelebrating the release of her third record, What if We Were Real?, Mandisa dropped by for a visit this morning. We knew this would be a special day, but we didn't know that some of the memorable moments would be quite so... real!

WATCH   Mandisa became Bill's Zumba instructor and, let's just say, it may have been more of a lost cause than Carmen's trying to sing.

LISTEN   Mandisa shared the journey from recording to release of her hit single, "Stronger."

LISTEN   Carmen compared Dave's delivery to Ryan Seacrest, and Mandisa compared their... stature.

LISTEN   Mandisa has lost 120lbs! Some of it was lost in California; recently she spent a week at the Biggest Loser ranch in Malibu. Oh, and she DIDN'T meet Mr, Right.

LISTEN   Mandisa talked about the message of this new record and a very touching song, "Just Cry," a song that she says is her "most emotional" on the record. Made to Crave book

She looks great, yes?! Hear her "overnight success formula"  real journey of  weight loss and a healthier, more integrated lifestyle.  

LISTEN   Part 1 - She doesn't diet.

LISTEN   Part 2 - It wasn't just food.

LISTEN   Part 3 - Our spiritual life counts.

READ   Here's the book by Lysa TerKeurst Mandisa referred to:

LISTEN   Listening to the new song "The Truth About Me" brought Carmen to a place of being "real" about the lies she believes.

We wrapped up the morning with a surprise Zumba lesson for Bill. It wasn't pretty.

LISTEN   Everyone was in the moment.