Highlights from Monday, Apr 11, 2011

Monday, April 11, 2011

That dreaded statwide testing known as the FCAT started today. Knowing that many in our listening community were dealing with the extra pressure, Dave and Bill tried to take the edge off.

LISTEN   Here's a 9th grader who just needed a little direction before sitting down with her No. 2 pencil.

LISTEN   Steve caught on quickly (and won TobyMac tickets) to a little trivia contest we call "The Answer is C!"

Carmen will be in tomorrow, Lord willing, just in time to sit down and have a chat with Mandisa! She and Dave were recently in Atlanta as part of a JOY FM team, helping our new sister station there.

LISTEN   Dave told a story about a bad restaurant experience that actually had everyone willing to come back a second night!

READ-DO   Can you turn a potentially horrendous situation into a win!? The waitress at that restaurant did, and so did Abigail in the Bible. Read how she prevented a slaughter and met the man of her dreams, all by being a woman of discernment and honor.