Highlights from Friday, Apr 08, 2011

Friday, April 8, 2011

Yesterday, Bill asked for some "homespun" stories from listeners to fill in the show today (since Dave and Carmen were helping our sister station, J 93.3, in Atlanta). Several warm, precious, cute, heartwarming stories (and a joke or two) came in on our Facebook page...but that wasn't what we wanted!

LISTEN   It was the quirky, weird relative, local color stuff that made it, like Xanthe's story about a "creative" uncle who thinks he's a dentist!

LISTEN   How would you like to have "Accident" written all over your driver's licence? Well, Dawn does, and it got her out of a ticket!

LISTEN   Debbie's story is JUST this side of gross, which is where it needs to be (we can take small amounts of body humor).

Payton with his dad!
After all his co-workers stiffed him were unavailable due to pressing  demands, Bill finally got some help from his 8-year old son, Payton (with an "a").

LISTEN   To let folks know who they were listening to, Bill interviewed his son (and found that the apple doesn't fall far from the tree).

LISTEN  These callers made Payton feel welcome (by making it feel a little more like home)!

PPP (Personal Point of Privilege) Bill's favorite moment from today's show.