Highlights from Thursday, Apr 07, 2011

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Brice Futch is a senior at Lakeland Christian School. He also helped organize a local chapter of Care for AIDS, a national organization that reaches around the world with Christ-centered initiatives to help AIDS sufferers in Kenya.

LISTEN   Brice described how the efforts of Central Florida families are helping families on the other side of the globe.

ATTEND   Be at their annual banquet to learn more about this amazing, grass-roots work.

LEARN   Here is the CFA website; check out their mission, projects and resources.


Dave and Carmen were in the ATL today, helping our NEW sister station, J 93.3 make the transition to listener-support. Before they left town, they tried to get Bill some help for Friday's show.

LISTEN  Carmen thought Jayar would be a natural (he had a conflict).

LISTEN   Bill turned to Luisa, The JOY FM receptionist.

LISTEN  When Luisa rejected him, he was sure Kris P. Kreme, our trusty producer, would help!

In the end, Bill turned to YOU, the loyal isteners, for help. Listen Friday to hear stories we solicited on Facebook!