Highlights from Friday, Apr 01, 2011

Friday (Friday, Friday), April 1 2011

Since this band is special to us, we wanted to share this moment with our listening community (you)! MIKESCHAIR just got added to the list of featured performers at the 42nd Annual Gospel Music Dove Awards!

LISTEN   Hear our call to Mike to get his response to the good news.

LISTEN   Mike talked about how important this is to his band and to him, personally.

"What is that ringing sound?" is the question we got over and over this morning! At first, it seemed like a technical glitch, then a strange sabatoge of our show. In the end, we solved the mystery. It was...

LISTEN   First, this listener from Gainesville called it, and we weren't sure about her story.

LISTEN   Then, more folks started calling in, reporting the same phenomenon.

LISTEN  They started narrowing down the nature of the sound, but couldn't I.D. the source.

LISTEN  Finally, we realized what day it was and WHO was responsible for this distraction.

(Note: no disciplinary action is being pursued at the present time; however, this is the kind of thing that gets producers in trouble. We apologize and hope that Kris learned his lesson.)

And this is no joke: Dave's Kindle came down with the same disease Bill's recently contracted.

LISTEN  Dave was perplexed and disappointed.

UPDATE:  Dave ultimately got his Kindle reset. Bill's is headed back to the factory.